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Log into your personal Content Manager, convert files from your desktop, and send them to your mobile device.

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SOD Mobile is now CartaPro! Unlock your geospatial content for mobile.

Four Reasons to get CartaPro Now:

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Deploy, and Easy to Use

Other mobile GIS solutions require a technician to set up your layers, your team, and what maps you can view. Only CartaPro lets you manage your layers from your tablet.

Take Your Data Beyond the Network

Your critical geospatial data does its best work when it’s deployed to whomever needs it, wherever they are. Sometimes that’s far from the nearest cell tower. Our Offline Cache features allows you to take your data anywhere.


Visualize projects  for efficiency & clarity


Lugging a laptop loaded with expensive GIS software isn’t always practical, and paper maps are a relic of the pre-digital era. Your field staff needs to see what you’re seeing, and react quickly and efficiently. Better still, those actions can happen on an inexpensive device they’re already carrying.


 Share onscreen drawings with anyone


Every CartaPro user is given their own cloud Content Management System at There they can upload field observations, convert files to or from KML or Shape files, and effectively manage their Markup storage.