Get CartaPro

Getting started is easy – just visit and submit and account request, and you’ll have access to all your subscribed layers in no time.

Need Help? Email us and we’ll help get your team up and running.

Request an Account Login

For basic access, subscribers need only use the portal to send an account request to our administrators. We’ll set up secure access to your layers within 24 hours, and send you a welcome email with a temporary password. Or, if you have multiple users to activate, or require different User Groups within your organization to restrict access to certain data layers, just contact us directly to configure your Account.

Download the CartaPro app from the App Store

The iOS app can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store and installed for free. Note that the app is currently iPad only, but we are planning on deploying a ‘universal’ version (runs on iPhone & iPad) in 2016. Android users: we are also planning on deploying a compatible version in late 2016. If you’re a Windows-only organization, we’d love to hear from you to plan our future product roadmap.

Launch & Login

In order to protect our customers’ valuable proprietary data, CartaPro is a login-restricted app. When the app is first launched, you will see a username and password login dialogue onscreen. Enter the credentials sent to you via email, and you will see your Layers list populate with your geospatial layers. To change your password to something more familiar, use the portal and select Account Management.

 Start using your personal SOD Mobile Content Manager
Aside from being a powerful mobile app for your iPad, the platform includes a cloud-based storage and conversion tool to manage content for your device. With the web-accessible Content Manager, you can convert KML and SHP files (up to 10,000 vertices) and ingest them into CartaPro from the cloud. Or you can export Markups from the device into your Content Manager and share them within your organization.

We can also set up a shared Content Manager for teams of users, so that multiple users can disseminate data for all members to access.

Request a CartaPro training session for your organization

Spatial Energy provides complementary software training for CartaPro users. Just contact us to set up a web video session with your team. Or let us know if you need an in-person seminar to get your team up to speed quickly.

Don’t have a compatible device to test within your organization, or not yet a current CartaPro subscriber? We have a limited number of loaner iPads that we can provide to customers for live field testing of the platform. Just contact us and we’ll send out a configured iPad for your team to take into the field for a few weeks.