When we first created CartaPro, we started with the ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS platform. Then we custom built a powerful raster and dynamic layer caching feature, added a multitude of data collection tools, and configurable backend content & account management tools – specifically for field personnel, operations managers, and anyone that needs to view geospatial data on the go.

Features of the CartaPro App

View Layers: Toggle on/off available data layer thumbnails to view and access layer metadata

Navigation: Interactive map interface with dynamic zoom and pan capability

Markups: Point/line/polygon drawings, measurements, symbol, annotations and embedded photos

Collaboration: Ability to email Map data with markup and field photos as a file or a screenshot

Mashup: Imagery provider agnostic, multi-source mashup capability. Simply add the layers you need; either on your account configuration, or though a manual ‘Add Layer’ feature

Offline Cache: Grid-based, easy to use interface to allow users to select areas for use of imagery and data offline

Multilevel Security: the ability to configure content access by user type, region and time span.