CartaPro Support

Once logged into CartaPro, you’ll notice that the app is organized along the bottom navigation menu in simple-to-understand categories. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for quick instructional demos.

My Location

Find your position on the map North-up, or tap it again for Compass mode (orienting the map in the direction you’re facing).



All subscribed layers are displayed in this menu. Toggle a visible layer on or off by tapping the thumbnail, and select the small arrow to see sublayers within and adjust transparencies. If the layer title is grayed out, the content is not within the visible field of view.



Make onscreen drawings by selecting the category of markup you want to use: Points, lines, polygons, photos, or symbols. Select from the array of attributes to customize the view. Use the Export feature to send Markups to your cloud Content Manager.



Measurement tools are present in this menu, along with custom forms. Request an embedded preconfigured form by contacting us.



Quickly capture your current project view and attach it as a screenshot image to an email to colleagues.


Offline Cache

Once you have selected all the layers in your Layers List that you need for offline use, open the Cache tab and start selecting grids for download. Be mindful of the total download size, which is roughly calculated within the Cache menu display.



Access help, set your preferences, change passwords, and more.


Contact Us

Custom Development Available

For customers who have additional requirements such as field data collection, mobile mapping and analytic tools, the CartaPro platform can serve as a base product on top of which these requirements can be met by custom development through our White Label and SDK offering. Simply contact us with some ideas about what your app needs to become, and we will work to make it a reality.

The advantage to licensing CartaPro as a base platform include:
• Reduce development risks by leveraging the proven technology advantages of CartaPro to build a cutting edge enterprise mobile solution with great user experience
• Cut base app development time by months, if not years
• Host the app administration and content management system entirely on your organization’s servers

Mobile Strategic Consulting

NeoTreks Inc., has years of expertise deploying enterprise and consumer apps. Winners of an Apple Design Award in 2009, the NeoTreks team can help your team make the most of mobile device adoption and deployment. Contact us to discuss your needs.